Our Ethics

Our products are manufactured ethically and comply with strict cosmetic regulations and safety procedures. We ensure that all of our products have had complete safety tests and are registered as fit for purpose and safe for use as cosmetics.

All pigments are eco-friendly and cosmetic grade, safe for use on the lips and as eye shadows, and do not contribute to adding micro plastic to our environment, we do not sell glitter.

Our cosmetic packaging is recyclable where possible. Some allowances have to be made with cosmetics whereby certain packaging is required to maintain the shelf-life of the product.  This helps to prevent wastage as less product is discarded as it keeps fresh for longer. 

It is important to us that our products are sourced and supplied ethically. This is why all of our products are cruelty-free and NEVER tested on animals. . Colours are Carmine/cochineal free.

Products are all vegan where possible with a few exceptions where the information is clearly stated as to why on the product listing, you can also view the ingredients. We are working to formulate vegan alternatives.
We currently only sell in the UK.

All of our natural pigment is sourced ethically and responsibly by our manufacturing partners. We avoid sourcing Mica in India as we DO NOT and WILL NOT support child labour. Our Mica is sourced from companies with ethics equal to our own, sourcing from Europe, and our manufacturers own mines located in the USA for the majority of pigments, though some special effects shades such as the multi-chrome pigments are carefully sourced from a very well established ethical supplier in PRC, as they are the creators and only true source. They have been carefully vetted and follow all UK and EU regulations concerning cosmetic production and safety. They DO NOT test on animals or allow that anywhere in their supply chain. They DO NOT source from India or support child labour in any way.

We hope that you share our ethics on makeup and skincare, proving it is possible to have beautiful products without cruelty and damage to the environment.
Please feel free to ask any questions, ingredients are listed on the product listings. All information on the safety of the products is kept on file. Note that we cannot give out supplier information as proof of sourcing, but are happy to answer any questions you may have.  

We also use Eco Cart to help in becoming carbon neutral by supporting causes all over the world. Check out our Carbon Neutral Shopping page for more information.

We hereby certify that:
None of the mica used in our products is mined or manufactured in places supporting child labour, nor are they sourced in India.
None of the mica or ingredients used in our products are tested on animals.
None of the mica used in our products has been irradiated.
None of our finished products are tested on animals.
All of the mica used in our products is non-GMO.
All of our products are certified cosmetic grade, safe for use, and conform to all UK/EU regulations.
All of our products have been registered in accordance with UK/EU regulations.
All of our products have undergone and passed the required safety assessments.
We are PETA Certified Cruelty-Free.
We will give you the option to make your order carbon neutral.

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