eBook:  How to legally start a small cosmetics business in the UK - Digital Download

eBook: How to legally start a small cosmetics business in the UK - Digital Download

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In this 40+ page eBook, we take you step by step through the legalities and everything you need to know to start a cosmetics business in the UK and be compliant with UK regulations.

We've navigated the minefield of rules and regulations required for a UK cosmetics brand and compiled it in this easy to read and understandable guide.

We'll provide you with a list of everything that you need to do to legally get going with your business and go into detail about what each of these steps involves.

We point you at valuable resources available to you to help you every step of the way.

With this eBook, the whole process is broken down into simple steps, making it less daunting, so that you can concentrate on the fun part - creating!

This eBook is suitable for both UK based small cosmetic businesses and International sellers looking to better understand the requirements of entering the UK market.

The term 'cosmetics' refers to such products as soaps and other wash-off products, body butter, lotions, creams, body oils and other leave-on products, makeup and hair-care, etc.

NB: Please note that products of a medical nature, perfumes, wax melts and Candles (often made by small cosmetics companies) may be subject to other regulations not covered in this ebook.

NB: Due to the nature of downloadable products, there are strictly no refunds on this eBook or any other downloadable content.  This product will be digitally stamped with your details on purchase and must not be shared.  Copyright remains with Revega Ltd at all times.

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