Formula Percentage % and Batch Weight Calculator - Digital Download

Formula Percentage % and Batch Weight Calculator - Digital Download

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Calculating formulas and Recipe batch weights can be confusing, so we've created this handy calculator to help.

  • Converts weight into formula percentage %
  • Converts formula percentage % into your desired batch weights
  • Info page explaining how to use and the formula to check your results.

This download contains an excel file of the above two calculators and supporting information.  

All cosmetic formulas are in % totalling 100.
Cosmetic Recipes can total any weight.  This calculator will enable you to convert any separate ingredient weights and batches into percentages % for your formula.
It will also then allow you to take these percentages % and convert the ingredients into any desired batch weight.

Simply type in your initial numbers and you're ready to make your products in a flash!

NB: Due to the nature of downloadable products, there are strictly no refunds on this or any other downloadable content.  This product will be digitally stamped with your details on purchase and must not be shared.  Copyright remains with Revega Ltd at all times.

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